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  • Publisher:  Smart Why
  • Category:  Music
  • Age rating:  0+
  • Processors:  x86, x64, ARM
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Directory music and video player.
Excelent for audiobooks, audiotrainings, music and tv videos.
Use directory as playlist.

- Folder as playlist
* Best for audiobook but for ordinary music it is good too

- Folder as playlist
* Turn yout mobile to TV (Shuffle or Alpabetically mode)

- Simple UI for music.
- Both TV and Music in one app.
- Better for video ( responsive view )


Put music file in the root of directory:

Apple [Directory]
- Banana [File1]
- Peache [File2]
- Lemon [File3]

You will get

Apple [Playlist]
- Banana [Song 1]
- Peache [Song 2]
- Lemon [Song 3]

Automatically scan all folders for changes after 3 days.
You can run rescan manually if files was changed by pressing refresh button.

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